The corps' administration department, referred to as Ship's Office, and composed of an Administration Officer (Admin O), occasionally an Assistant Administration Officer (A/Admin O), and a Ship's Writer, provides personnel administration support for WALLER cadets and officers and produces monthly routine orders and other communications.

Please refer to "Forms" for blank copies of commonly-used forms.

To apply for summer or other training opportunities external to the corps, please use the corps' application form, and submit it via your chain of command.

If you have new contact information; a change of address or new phone number, for example; please pass that along to Ship's Office.

The custom in naval (and thus sea cadet) units is to adopt shipboard terminology regardless of whether the unit is in fact a ship.
Two-, three-, and six-week courses, as well as longer staff opportunities at training facilities outside of Sooke.
Exchanges, RCN and Coast Guard deployments, and other opportunities year round.


ADMIN OFFICER - See MROs for phone number - EMAIL

A/ADMIN OFFICER - not currently filled

SHIP'S WRITER - See MROs for phone number - EMAIL

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Contact us at or call 778-352-2292.

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