This calendar is accurate for the current training year, and speculative for the next training year. School-related dates are drawn from the SD 62 website.

Parade nights run from 1800 to 2100 on Wednesday nights at the Sooke Legion.

Routine training night; "parade" used in the military sense of a unit being mustered - paraded - for some purpose.

Ceremonial Divisions are generally conducted monthly, starting at approximately 2030. Presentations may be made and promotions given at that time; parents may wish to attend.

A monthly ceremonial muster of the ship's company in dress uniforms, including an inspection by the Commanding Officer, a marchpast, and any presentations or promotions that are due.

By default, weekend exercises will start at 1700 on the first day shown, and end at 1700 on the last day shown. Meals are not ordinarily provided on the first evening; cadets should have supper before arriving.

A warning order is issued for each exercise: these can be found here, and are also posted outside Ship's Office and distributed in hard copy, posted on the corps Facebook page, and may be emailed. Further detail can also be found in MROs, which are distributed in the same way - posted here. Directions to common training venues can be found here.

Monthly Routine Orders: newsletter including the upcoming month's calendar and other relevant information.
Notice outlining training to be conducted, times, transportation, required kit, etc.

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