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WALLER takes pride in our involvement in local events, and is dedicated to maintaining an active presence in the community. Additionally, cadets require a certain number of community service hours to complete each year's training requirements; for the first four years, five hours, and for senior cadets, forty hours or more if they are pursuing one of a range of optional training opportunities. We are also happy to help with events in exchange for a donation to the Sooke branch of the Navy League, our civilian sponsoring body.


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If you are conducting an event in support of a broadly secular and apolitical cause, intended to provide a specific benefit to the community, and wish to request assistance by cadets, please email the Commanding Officer. Examples include park or trail cleanups, fundraising for established charitable or not-for-profit campaigns that provide a benefit in Sooke (e.g. the Royal Canadian Legion's Poppy Fund), or certain community events (e.g. the Sooke Fire Department's 100th anniversary celebrations). Cadet involvement can include providing setup/teardown assistance, direct fundraising, and forming a flag party or other ceremonial party.


If you are conducting a broadly secular and apolitical event that has a less immediate focus on supporting good works; for example, a craft fair or dinner at the Community Hall; you may still be able to get cadet assistance. WALLER's civilian sponsoring body, the Sooke Branch of the Navy League of Canada, is able to arrange cadet support for a variety of events in exchange for a donation or some other form of exchange. If this is of interest, please email the branch secretary.

As WALLER conducts a variety of activities in addition to community service and fundraising in support of the Navy League, please be advised we may not be able to support your event: both cadets and staff have a variety of committments. Contact the CO or the branch secretary as soon as possible to increase the chance of successfully arranging support.

Contact us at or call 778-352-2292.

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