PROTECTEUR division is formed of WALLER's Master Seamen: primarily, cadets in Phase III, the third year of training at the corps.

Unlike NIPIGON, RESTIGOUCHE, and SASKATCHEWAN, PROTECTEUR does not have a permanent DPO. Instead, the Corps Boatswain tasks a member of the division to handle phone-throughs, and members of the division assume command of it on parade on a rotational basis. On parade nights, PROTECTEUR forms the guard.

Please check out these docs for more details on the Master Seamen training scheme.

These measures are intended to support the Master Seamen's transition from being purely trainees to assuming leadership roles and eventual promotion to Petty Officer.

Please follow this link for resources to support Phase III training.

Please make use of the emails given below: the DPO address forwards to an officer assigned to assist PROTECTEUR. MS may also contact the Coxswain if they have questions regarding upcoming activities, etc.

Like all of WALLER's divisions, PROTECTEUR is named after one of RAdm Waller's commands; in this case, HMCS PROTECTEUR.


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Contact us at or call 778-352-2292.

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