The corps' supply department, referred to as Stores, and composed of a Stores Officer, occasionally an Assistant (or Clothing) Stores Officer, and a Stores PO, provides clothing and training stores for WALLER cadets and officers and manages and maintains the corps' equipment.

If you need an item of kit, please bring the old item (except for t-shirts and socks) for exchange any parade night, along with a request form noting what you need (simple replacement, larger size, etc). If you have lost an item of kit, use a Lost-Theft-Destroyed form to explain the loss.

You will be measured for your initial issue of clothing within three weeks of correctly submitting all paperwork to Ship's Office.

All kit issued by Stores is provided free of charge, as is the first replacement ball cap: subsequent replacement caps are the subject of a $5 charge to cover embroidery costs. It must be noted, though, that most training stores items (e.g. dive gear, instruments, flags, etc.) is provided either via donation of equipment or purchased for the corps using funds raised by the Sooke Navy League (very often via cadet-supported events, such as bottle drives), and that much of this gear is difficult to acquire, expensive, or both.

Electronic Clothing Request

Trousers, gunshirts, jackets, STU shirts, and parkas are all sized on a combination of height and waist or chest size given in inches.

If you need a different size of whitetop, please come to Stores. Ballcaps are one size fits all; if you lost yours, bring $5 to cover embroidery costs.

Boots are sized by length and width given in millimetres: due to the vagaries of that sizing system, it's best to come into Stores for sizing if your boots don't fit; use this form for replacements in the same size.

Socks cover foot size ranges, and are colour-coded around the top (e.g., red is the "XL" size range). Belts and black t-shirts are also available in size ranges.

If the item you're requesting doesn't have a size (e.g. lanyards), just note N/A in the size range.


STORES OFFICER - See MROs for phone number - EMAIL

STORES PO - See MROs for phone number - EMAIL

Contact us at or call 778-352-2292.

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