The Sea Cadets depend on support from our civilian partner, the Navy League of Canada. WALLER operates in partnership with the Navy League's Sooke Branch, formed by community volunteers.

Support from the local Navy League branch enables the corps to conduct training beyond the mandatory component funded by the Department of National Defence, and to enrich the mandatory component with additonal training aids.

If you wish to donate to the program, or to otherwise support the Sea Cadets, please email the Sooke Branch or consider the options on the national Navy League site. You can also donate to our GoFundMe campaigns for general use and to support the dive team. Tax receipts are available for cash donations, and may be available for donations of equipment.

If you are interested in getting assistance from Sea Cadets at your community event, please see this link.

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Equipment donations

We are currently looking for a range of equipment and personal kit, which may be dropped off at the corps on any Wednesday evening between 1800 and 2100, or by arrangement with Stores; if you have any questions, please email the Stores Officer. If you are interested in a tax receipt, one may be available. Any equipment donations are very much appreciated, and will be well used in all possible ways.

Cadets in the field Cadets in work dressCadet in old RCN blues


While cadets’ basic ceremonial and working uniforms are provided by DND, “extras,” like sea boots, sweaters, and certain optional orders of dress must be found elsewhere.

If you have old uniform parts about the house that you’d like to see in use again, we would very much appreciate any sea or combat boots, issue black sweaters, (ribbed or new style), RCN or RN square rig (including parts), olive green combats, old naval blue work/base dress, duffel bags, and trouser or web belts.

Cadets assembling shearlegsExample of fancy ropework

Seamanship equipment and consumables

We are always on the lookout for single, double, and triple blocks, especially those for 3/8" and larger line, 3/8", 1/2", and larger manila or synthetic three-strand and Samson braid rope, fids, marlinspikes, boatswain calls, rigging knives, whipping twine, and related items. Additionally, any Admiralty or RCN seamanship manuals are extremely welcome.

Cadets practicing navigation

Navigation equipment

Year four and up cadets have a significant navigation component in their training program. Therefore, we are looking for suitable equipment to support instruction, including rolling or walking/parallel rulers, DST calculators, shipboard compasses and/or peloruses, and related items, including clean charts. More advanced equipment, including sextants, etc. is also welcome.

Admiralty manualsReference works

Reference materials

Any Royal Canadian (BRCN), Admiralty/Royal Navy (BR), Canadian Armed Forces, Canadian Coast Guard, or other similarly detailed references on seamanship, engineering, naval traditions, naval and maritime history, navigation, and any and all current or former RCN or RN trade manuals and other publications are of immense value for reference on specific subjects, and for providing cadets with a broad perspective on the naval and maritime world.

Dive gearMotor work boat

Other items

In addition to the above items, we have a wish-list of items, at various priority levels. Please follow this link for the current version.

Contact us at or call 778-352-2292.

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